Why Companies Provide Free Samples, Coupons, and Giveaways

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Most business entrepreneurs understand the importance of advertising to increase their customer base. Unfortunately when the numbers are on the increase, there could be a false sense of security for the owners of the business. Regardless of good or bad numbers, the business should continue to forge ahead with a carefully crafted marketing plan. It is not unimaginable for customers to forget about the services you provide and take their business to your competitor. This is one of the reasons why ongoing marketing plans tend to include something for all customers both new and repeat.

Giving Back
One option for marketing that has proven successful every time is offering free giveaways to the customers. Everybody likes something for free, which is why they tend to line up to get theirs. In many instances, they may not even need the product, but the fact that it is free is enough of an incentive. This invitation will provide you with marketing, which will cover the cost and the customer will hold on to it. More often than not, if they don’t use the item they will pass it on to someone who will.

Introduction To Success
Free samples are similar to giveaways in that they keep the customer interested in your business and the products you offer. Samples can be particularly useful during the introduction of a new product being offered. The average customer is generally too busy to take a few minutes to try a new item. Unless the packaging is extremely enticing the item will more than likely be passed over for something else. With free samples the scale will suddenly be in your favor.

Customer Appreciation
Some customers will go out of their way to look for coupons even if it means purchasing the Sunday paper just to get them. It is a known fact that a customer with a coupon will purchase an item even if they did not need it because the coupon was getting ready to expire. Samples, giveaways and coupons all deserve a place in any bag of marketing tricks. As an entrepreneur if the bottom line is important to you, then the advantages should be clear.


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