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Constantly bombarded with the high fashion that is spread across social media, puts an undue amount of pressure on the general public (especially for females) to always “dress to impress.” What has been forgotten among all the hype is that there is always more than one way to accomplish a goal. The wonderful thing about the world today is the clothing available is as diverse and unique as the people that adorn them, giving each their own style. From business suits to evening wear and from pajamas to casual day wear, the need for fashion is always present.

Yet, despite the quite varied and diverse outfits that could possibly be made with the available clothing options, the clothing items themselves fail to be unique. Virtually all garments, now unfortunately are produced and distributed to numerous different retailers across the globe. Sometimes, it can begin to feel as though, there is nothing special about you, yourself including the clothes.


No matter what, there is an almost absolute certainty that there is at least one if not half a dozen wearing the exact same article of clothing. As people, truly expressing our uniqueness to ourselves or our we just being mere sheep and following someone else’s lead?

Having the ability to personalize your own t-shirt, can restore a forgotten and much needed power back to the wearer. The knowledge of having a simple article of clothing such as; a t-shirt that is truly unique broadcasting who you truly are as an individual can be quite a liberating feeling. There is no better feeling than knowing you are being true to no one, but yourself.

Thanks to the availability of the internet to a large percentage of the population, anyone has the capability and creative control of the garments worn and chosen can be achieved. What will you choose; to become a leader of who you are, proud to express the beautifully unique individual that is you or are you a person that will continue to follow the paths trodden by others, this choice is yours.

Whether it is for an individual or for a group, having technology available at nearly everyone’s finger tips has made not only access to information easier, it has too given an opportunity to those who would have a definite say to finally and whole-heartedly have the ultimate say and final decision upon each individual, themselves when they choose what casual t-shirt they want to wear and personalize.

The added effect on any clothing article whether for an individual purpose or for a group has the ability and capacity to not only make an individual feel more empowered by adorning their own creative style, but it has the ability to create memories that will last a lifetime. Also though, the personalized clothing is a memorable momento for someone to continually hold onto for years to come.

Would a person rather wear the idea and inspiration of an unknown stranger that one will never know and will never meet or would a person be more willing and wanting to wear even a simple t-shirt designed only for them and their cause? The choice is clear; become and stay an individual.

In today’s society there is absolutely no reason we should not be able to express who we are as people and individuals. We are all beautiful and unique in our own special ways, it is time for us to embrace that truth and no longer hide behind the creativity of someone else, there is absolutely no reason you cannot be you; it is time to personalize.


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