Keys to Good Health and Wellness

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Staying healthy and keeping fit and well in this fast-paced age is an ongoing dilemma. We tend to live on fast food, take multivitamins for fast nutrition, diet using fast weight-loss gimmicks and exercise using fast muscle-building machines. But sometimes health and fitness doesn’t have to take a fast track.

When watching your weight, there’s one sure way to minimize weight gain and stay healthy. Yes, the multivitamins you take are a good back-up to ensure you are getting the needed vitamins in order to stay well if dieting. To lose some extra pounds, just try to cut back on carbohydrates from white breads and potatoes. Fill your diet with vegetables from a low carbohydrate list. Eat lots of protein from meat, beans and eggs to keep you from getting hungry and to build muscle which uses more energy and calories. Stay away from high sucrose and sugary filled foods.

Exercise can take an easier track as well. Burning calories and building muscle can be as easy as taking a daily walk or run/walk. It’s important to incorporate this routine into your busy schedule since not only is this good for your body, this can also help build a healthy mental base giving you a more powerful thought process at work and home to think more smoothly and efficiently. If you can’t seem to fit it in after work, try for a walk during your lunch hour.

The older you get, the harder it gets to stay healthy. It is so important to keep your body moving throughout your years. If you have time, a good exercise or yoga class at your local health club or fitness center would be money well spent. You may even meet some interesting people that can help support you in your exercise routine.

To keep your mind exercised, try for a daily word or number puzzle. Sudoku or a crossword puzzle with your cup of coffee or green tea at breakfast will start to get your brain moving for the busy day ahead. Or take a class or teach yourself a language. There are downloads you can add to your iPod which will allow you to work on your interest while taking that daily walk.

In order to maintain a healthy body, you must think not only in terms of outward appearance, but also with regards to the body as a whole: mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. A balanced diet and daily exercise worked into your daily schedule is an intrinsic part of your health and wellness routine. Take the time to take care of yourself and slow down your fast-paced lifestyle and you will be a much happier, healthier person.


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