Free Women’s Nike Running Shoes

by / Wednesday, 06 May 2015 / Published in Contests

Get a chance to own 1 of 31 pairs Women’s Nike Running Shoes from Nordstrom! Just follow the link to join the contest. Join now! This offer will end on May 24, 2015

Legal residents of, and physically located within, the 50 United States or D.C.
18 years or older.

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18 Responses to “Free Women’s Nike Running Shoes”

  1. Would love these shoes in a size 8&1/2! I have a thing about matching colors and coordinating. These shoes will go with just about everything I own! Love them!

  2. Geri Hennessey says : Reply

    I need these because I have foot problems. Would prefer 8 1/2 W or 9 W. Sometimes they don’t have 1/2 sizes, and I do not want to miss out. Thank you for these jazzy shoes 🙂

  3. Sheila Skinner says : Reply

    need them for work. 7.5 wide with

  4. dena says : Reply

    Would love to have these in a size 8!I love the Colors in them!

  5. jeanette says : Reply

    Would like them in size 11 thank you

  6. Tammy Dagnan says : Reply

    Need them for work,and show them off

  7. would love a pair for exercising

  8. Leda Young says : Reply

    Love those shoes!!!! Would like them in a size 9w. Just had knee replacement surgery,would like a good pair of shoes, and NIKE has the best!!!.

  9. Loretta says : Reply

    Size 9! Would be nice

  10. marilyn dorr says : Reply

    I need a size 9 or 9 1/2 and love the color of them and need a good shoe for my feet

  11. Lupe says : Reply

    would love these I have really bad knee problems need knee replacement surgery but can’t afford it so i have to try getting shoes that will help me stay on my feet.

  12. Susan McAfee says : Reply

    I would love to win a pair of shoes. The colors look cool, I wear 9 wide or 9 1/2 wide. T hank you in advance.

  13. Sarah LeBresh says : Reply

    Wear 8 1/2 USA women’s

  14. Sarah LeBresh says : Reply

    I would love to win these. Wear women’s USA 8 & 1/2

  15. Mary Ann Concilio says : Reply

    I really need a new pair of sneakers and love the colors and Nikes but can not afford them because my husband is very Ill and also they would help me walking because I have a torn miniscus that I can’t get surgery on because I can’t afford it. Thank you for considering me.

  16. Jo Kangas says : Reply

    I just want a pair of orange shoes. I think Nike makes the cutest designs. I wear a size 7 so when you find those cute shoes send them. Greatly appreciative the chance.

  17. I have never Got any free stuff from none of these free sites, But I sure would like to. Size 9 1/2 wide or 10 wide. Thank you in advance.

  18. Dawn Fahey says : Reply

    I’ve never got anything free and would totally rock these and tell everyone about your website. Size 7 thank you

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