Free Nike Shoes!

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TryFreebies always has you in mind! Based on your demands we have decided to host our own competition just for you!

To help spread the word about TryFreebies for women, we are giving away a Nike Women’s Flex Experience Rn 4 Running Shoe to a lucky winner. Enter now to win!








We will send you an email soon to get your mailing address and your shoes size. We will surely send your freebie as soon as possible.





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62 Responses to “Free Nike Shoes!”

  1. CHANTELL DAVIS says : Reply

    I love Nike!
    This is the only gym shoe I wear for running and workout. I love the airmax just to wear.
    I wear a size 9.5 or 10 depending on if it is narrow or not and how it runs.

  2. Tammy Salinas says : Reply

    ID LOVE to get FREE SHOES not only are they FREE but they are FREE NIKE SHOES. No really Id love to have a new pair of shoes and get rid of the pair i have now only cuz Ive had them for 2yrs and cant afford a good quality pair on my fixed (SSI) income. Just incase I wear a size 8 – 8.5 Hope to hear back from you. Thanks and TTFN

  3. catherine gildea says : Reply

    I wear a size 8 1/2 I am a single mom who takes care of her children I tend to make sure they have everything I make siure the bill are paid but do not have anything left over to get me anything I do not work I too am waiting on SSI for my Biopolar Mania mental illness I really try to do for me but was nraised to do for others first Hope to hear back from you

    Thankyou and GodBless

  4. Lucretia Mckay says : Reply

    I would love to have as pair I’m in need of a pair right now.

  5. Cindy Meador says : Reply

    I would love to get a pair of Free Nike Shoes. Been out of work since June for medical reasons.Could use a pair of new shoes.

  6. I would love to get a new free pair of Nikes. Money is tight.

  7. Would love to win the pair of Nikes

  8. I would love to win a pair of Nike’s

  9. carolyn courtney says : Reply

    I need a new pair of shoes.I can’t afford a new pair for I live on ssi and to get a good pair is a lot of money I don’t have. I wear a 9 1/2 wide

    Thank You

  10. I have worn Nike shoes for many years. I love the fit. The style is almost always perfect. I wear a size 7.5 in women’s. I am a woman who.lives to be outside. I have 2 adorable pit bull pups who love being outside with me.

  11. Michelle Caskey says : Reply

    I love Nike they are the best shoes.

  12. I have never owned a pair of Niki so I can’t say much about them but I just want a pr that don’t hurt my feet

  13. Harriet Silverman says : Reply

    I would love to win a pair of these incredible shoes. I wear a size 9-1/2 or 10 depending on the width. Thank you in advance.

  14. Karin says : Reply

    Love to win A pair, size 7, please !

  15. sharonne h says : Reply

    I would love to win a pair I wear a size 81/2. Thanks in advance

  16. Krissy Jordan says : Reply

    Hello! I am a Rehab Nurse always in search of a comfortable pair of tennis shoes for my long days on the floor. Happy feet make happy legs and backs! The happier those are the more happy attention I can pay to my wonderful, hard working rehab patients! Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. Marilyn Holloway says : Reply

    I need size 10. Love the looks of the Nike. Stylish and very supportive.

  18. Sol Reye says : Reply

    Love free items and what a plus with my favorite brand of shoes. Nike is the way to go with comfort. Size 9.5 will do just fine. Please and thank you.

  19. Angel says : Reply

    Love the colors. It would be nice to get a new pair of shoes. Size 9.

  20. Vivian says : Reply

    I need a size 6.5 Love nike shoes.

  21. Chris says : Reply

    Hello…My name is Chris and I love these Nike shoes. I have purchased several pair just like these in the past. My daughter runs on the Cross Country team for school and these are the Nikes she always seems to get because they dont hurt her feet. I work 3 jobs so im ALWAYS on my feet so I go thru shoes like crazy. Im a care giver for a young man that has autism and has mandatory walks/runs and when he picks with friends…we are walking/running right there with him. I also clean a local restaurant that takes 3-4 hours each night and I work at my daughters school working with special needs children. That being said…I have my work cut out for me and if I dont switch my shoes 2-3 times per day my feet KILL me. I purchase shoes like they are going out of style. On an average, I purchase (and yes, ALWAYS Nike) 2 pair of shoes every 2-3 months (on top of a pair for my daughter). SOOO, I WOULD LOVE ANOTHER PAIR OF THESE NIKE SHOES. They are a great shoe. If not for me then my daughter would appreciate it. Thank you

  22. virgie smith says : Reply

    I would be greatful if I could win a pair of 8 1/2 Nike shoes

  23. I love Nike I work on my feet all day and this shoes are so comfortable

  24. Judith Rhodes says : Reply

    I would love to win a pair of shoes. Size 9 please. The mesh would be very comfortable on my little toes. Thank you!

  25. Wanda Jones says : Reply

    Would love a pair size 9.thanks for the opportunity

  26. Patricia Cole says : Reply

    I love Nike shoes.

  27. Judy Massey says : Reply

    Love Nikes!! Size 9 Womens

  28. Tracy Hall says : Reply

    Nike shoe’s are fantastic. Would love a pair of size 8

  29. Shari Wyant says : Reply

    I love Nikes! I wear a 5.5 or sometimes a 6. I would love to win!

  30. Tina Harmon says : Reply

    I would love a pair for my beautiful daughter Shay.

  31. Steva Pickle says : Reply

    I recently started working out and need a good pair of shoes. Unfortunately can’t afford them but if I am lucky enough to win I wear a size 8

  32. I love to try new things.. this would be a great way for me to try things I would not try otherwise….

  33. Junice Sturgill says : Reply

    I’ve never owned a pair and was wanting a pair. Just never had the money to buy them till now and was wanting to try them I wear a size 6. Thank you

  34. Could really use a 7 1/2 please

  35. dawn towe says : Reply

    i would like a size mens 7. thank you

  36. Christina San angelo says : Reply

    nike’s are the only sneak’s that don’t make my back hurt….

  37. amy sessa says : Reply

    i would love these nikes,everything is hurting my kness and my feet

  38. As a retiree living on a fixed income I haven’t been able to purchase a new pair of shoes for some time. The last pair of tennis shoes were bought for me by my daughter. She now has three grand children that she tries to help with getting shoes for them. I would really be thankful to get a free pair of Nike’s. And I’ll spread the word that you do give away free shoes. If not to me, you’ll give them to someone. I wear a size 8.5. Thank you for this offer.

  39. Connie Kendall says : Reply

    I would love to try Nike’s haven’t worn a pair for years I wear a size7in women’s thank you

  40. melissa says : Reply

    this would be amazing!! i need a new pair of shoes badly thank you for the opportunity

  41. Pegi Mackiewicz says : Reply

    I am on my feet all day, personally I feel nike shoes are the most comfortable. Throughout the years I have tryed other brands of shoes, but I always go back to Nike’s.
    They are my “go to shoes” ☺

  42. tessie says : Reply

    I am 87 yrs old and wear a size 4 1/2. it is hard to get that size, but I hope niki has my size

  43. Elizabeth Romano says : Reply

    I love Nike and would love a catalogue also .
    Unfortunately right now I’m a bit broke but would so love a new pair of shoes size 81/2.

  44. Julia Claude says : Reply

    I love sneakers and would love to sport thosd shoes in a 9. I have been wanting to get another pair of sneakers. Therefore, I fill this is the right time.

  45. Melissa says : Reply

    I would love to win these and they have PINK on them 🙂

  46. I would love a pair of nikes, I am 72 and love a pair of shoes, cant really afford to by a new pair before winter

  47. Debby says : Reply

    I love Nike best casual and sports shoe ever made!

  48. LOVE NIKES!!!!!!!! I have a problem with my right foot and ankle due to being hit head on in an auto accident, and these sure would be nice to wear!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  49. Virginia Smith says : Reply

    I just bought a pair of shoes today and had to return them, I was short on my electric bill. My shoes have a hole in the toe!

  50. Tami Bochard says : Reply

    Would love to win a pair of Nikes, size 8.5. Im on ssdi, and never have the extra money to buy a pair of shoes. Plus, Ive never win anything, so this would be a nice prize to win.

  51. Sandra Tetrick says : Reply

    IM not in need of any shoes but a dear friend of mine has lost everything and trying to start over she has 3 small children and no help except what us friends can do… she wears a size 8.5.. hopefully I can win so we can bless her…

  52. I have never had a pair of Nikes. I hear all of the time how wonderful they are. I wear size 11. Would love to have a pair. I can’t afford them.

  53. Leslie W says : Reply

    I would love to win a pair!! I’m currently waiting on my second lung transplant in 5 years so new shoes aren’t in my budget. I wish everyone good luck!!

  54. Val Western says : Reply

    It would be awesome to win these! Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Holly says : Reply

    What a cool contest.. I’d love to win these..

  56. I would love to try a size 6 please!!

  57. Carol W says : Reply

    I really love Nike shoes. They are comfortable . Would love a free pair.

  58. Michele says : Reply

    I would love to get these for my daughter. She has overcome many things on her own. She is now a very hard worker is married to a wonderful guy. She has lost so much invluding her children because of the mistakes of her past. Now she is a totally different person and has overcome more than most could handle…She is such a wonderful daughter,worker and wife. I want to show her that every once in awhile things in life are free by hard work love and perserverence. I thank you in advance for the chance and congrats to the winner….thank you!!!!!

  59. Pam Bowman says : Reply

    love these

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