Breastfeeding Bracelet Keeps You on Track

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There are numerous breastfeeding products on the market that can save the new mom time and frustration. The breastfeeding bracelet is an ingenious and fashionable way to keep track of all things related to baby’s feeding time. While it is primarily used by breastfeeding moms, bottle-feeding moms can also use the product to keep up with bottle feeds too.

These bracelets come in different styles, materials and price ranges. They all do, essentially, the same thing. The idea of product is to help sleep moms keep up with feeding times, which breast was last used and it keeps count of the number of feedings in a 24 hour period.

One type of reminder bracelet is made from soft rubber and they are similar to the colored bracelets used for different organizations and special causes. The rubber bracelets are embossed with the words Left and Right to identify which breast was last used. To change the band you simply turn it inside out to the correlating side needed. The outside of the band is numbered to show 24 hours in the day and a convenient slider is moved to the last feeding time.

The rubber type bands come in a variety of colors and are the easiest on the wallet. They can be purchased online for less than $7. The great price and ease of use makes this bracelet a perfect gift for expectant moms.

Another style of reminder bracelet is one made with beads. These bracelets have more of a fashion flare to them. The can be custom made with fire polished glass beads with white glass bead numbers or semi-precious stones with non-leaded pewter numbers. To remind yourself which breast was used last you simply move the bracelet to the opposite arm. To keep up with feeding time you move a clasped charm in between the beads that signify the hours of the day. There are 4 colored beads between each number bead that signifies 15-minute increments.

The beaded bracelets are still wallet friendly and can also be found online. Bracelets made from polished glass beads will run about $30 while the ones made from semi-precious stone are about $70.

There is also a bracelet that is made of stretchy, watchband material. It has Roman numeral increments and a slider that moves along the top of the numbers to keep track of the last feeding. To keep track of the last breast used, you move to the opposite arm. These types will only set you back about $20 and can be found at some national drug store chains.

Breastfeeding reminder bracelets can help new moms keep up with the busy feeding schedule of a newborn. With the styles and affordable prices, there is sure to be one that will make the new mom happy.


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