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Inspired by the military and the workouts they engage in, boot camps have infiltrated and taken over the role of primary fitness training, cementing its status as the premier workout regimen for those seeking to improve and increase their fitness level. Camaraderie of the sort one would expect to find through working as a team are conducive to the results achieved and high praise earned by members and those who run these types of camps. Gone are the days of feeling left out because of the speed of the classes at the local gym or fitness center.

These camps are intense in nature, simultaneously building each person’s morale in the process. No two camps are the same. Themes vary for each camp, based on the instructor’s preferences. Some instructors may choose to incorporate light weights or other fitness tools into their routines, but is in no way universal in fitness camps. The use of little to no equipment is just a small aspect of the alluring qualities of these camps as a means of increasing overall health and fitness.

As the objectives of each participant differs, there is never a pressure to “keep up with the class.” Whether one is part of a two member class or one which has upwards of 20 members, the principle remains the same. Work at your own pace as part of a team, and in doing so each member can’t help but see the desired improvements in themselves. Each member receives personal attention from trainers, further encouraging the successes which are ultimately met.

Classes can be held in a variety of locations, but most commonly are held in parks, at beaches and other outdoor locations. The divergent class locations heighten the enthusiasm each member feels towards class, despite the knowledge that each and every class will push its members to new levels of fitness. Each member shares in accountability, bringing members closer and forging bonds that often maintain its strength well after the encouragement of each other through the exercises and drills have ended.

Classes typically use the terrain of the class locations as an additional element of each class. Classes held on the beach will employ exercises which use the resistance of the sand, while those held in parks may use hills, trails and other aspects of nature as a means of increasing the endurance, camaraderie and fitness among its members.

Workouts which heavily incorporate calisthenics, stretching, running and variants of each help make each class fun. The best fitness classes integrate each of these disciplines through fast and intense sessions with short rest periods interspersed throughout. Dietary tips which teach members to maintain well being are a staple of each fitness camp.


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